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Immerse yourself in the future Waterfront Park with 360-degree views of seven locations along Seattle’s waterfront. Click the drop-down menu to navigate through views, then click and drag the image to explore the future waterfront. Learn more about each location with the descriptions below.

Take the Waterfront Virtual Experience on the go by downloading our augmented reality (AR) app, available for iOS and Android. For details, see further instructions at the bottom of this page.

Download The Virtual Reality App

Step into the future waterfront park in four easy steps.

  1. Download the Friends AR app for iOS and Android
  2. Open the app on your smart device
  3. Hold your device over the image of the map below
  4. Tap on the white locator pins to explore the park in 360°

Waterfront Virtual Experience

Location Descriptions

Jump into the place where the Seattle Aquarium, Pike Street Hill Climb, and Overlook Walk will come together — a meeting ground, a gathering space, and a point of entry to the Seattle Aquarium. The Promenade connects Belltown to Pioneer Square and features a light-penetrating surface to provide a salmon migration corridor along the central shoreline. The Promenade will be a place for pedestrians to enjoy the central waterfront and its sweeping views as well as gardens, gathering spaces, and amenities to support park use.

Overlook Walk
An elevated park — complete with protection from the elements, comfortable seating, picnic tables, play areas, and a café – links Promenade.

South Promenade
This view shows another location on the Promenade off of Seneca Street, prominently featuring one of four iconic kiosks, providing space for local vendors and shelter from the elements.

Waterfront Park
Pier 58, today’s Waterfront Park, will be raised to Promenade level and reshaped. Additional features include a playground and an expansive flexible open space for cultural events, concerts, and outdoor movies.

Transit Hub
Alongside the bustling Colman Dock, this view shows the ferry terminal’s new frontage building complete in 2023, and a unique portion of the designated bike path connecting all 26 blocks of the new waterfront park.

Habitat Beach (day)
Improving the health of Seattle’s nearshore ecosystems, this view of Habitat Beach during low tide will be a striking slice of Elliott Bay’s marine ecology. Providing a home for everything from barnacles to birds, Habitat Beach will offer endless opportunities to educate and inspire.

Habitat Beach (dusk)
A place of constant change, a waterfront experience wouldn’t be complete without a stunning sunset over Elliott Bay during low tide.

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