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Seattle Times

"Salmon Swim Past Downtown Along New 'Highway' for Fish" June 2019

Seattle Magazine

"On the Waterfront" Mar. 2019

Daily Journal of Commerce

"Waterfront Park Fits How Seattle Works, Lives" Feb. 2019

"Will we Really Have a 'Waterfront For All?''' Dec. 2018  

Puget Sound Business Journal

"Friends of Waterfront Seattle Incubates Small Business to Promote Equity" Mar. 2019

"New Study: Waterfront Park is Seattle's New Weapon to Retain Tech Talent" Mar. 2019

"Shared Investments Show Seattle at Its Best" Feb. 2019


HR&A Value Study released Mar. 2019
HR&A Value Study Summary 2019


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Friends Annual Report 2018
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JCFO Concept Design July 2012

JCFO Design Summary July 2012

JCFO Pier 62/63 Phase 1 Rebuild March 2016

JCFO Sustainable Waterfront July 2012

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Friends Sustainability Brochure 2018

Central Waterfront Map June 2017

Project Overview January 2016

Gray Magazine Interview with James Corner December 2016

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Waterfront Program Brochure 2018 (English)
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Waterfront Retail Study September 2015
Waterfront Strategic Plan July 2012
Waterfront Seattle Art Plan 2012
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