Seattle moments, made at the waterfront

Our new waterfront park opens sweeping vantage points on the Pacific Northwest sights we love most – Mount Rainier beyond the Port of Seattle’s towering cranes and vibrant sunsets beyond the Olympic Mountains – while also establishing new spaces to gather and celebrate our community’s past, present, and future.

New public art

Permanent commissions of site-specific sculptures and installations by local and internationally renowned artists will be integrated into the park as part of the Waterfront Seattle Art Plan. These will reflect the waterfront’s history, environment, and people, creating a sense of place for park users.

Amenities for park users that serve a larger purpose

Friends of Waterfront Seattle is developing partnerships for providing amenities that will make the park a desirable destination year-round and create opportunities for community empowerment.

Seattle’s love of food will be reflected in the park experience. A partnership between Friends and Ventures – a nonprofit empowering entrepreneurs with limited resources and unlimited potential – will bring unique food and beverage offerings to give park goers more to enjoy.

Partnering with RAVE Foundation – the nonprofit arm of the Seattle Sounders – will bring a small and accessible soccer field to the waterfront for free play to encourage community building and physical activity.

Programming something for everyone

Enjoy educational, recreational, and cultural programming for all seasons. Friends is partnering with diverse community organizations to bring live music, soccer, dance, environmental education, and much more, with performances and activities elevating emerging and established voices. Expanded Salmon Homecoming Celebration activities, Pier 62 access for tribal canoe journeys, events, and ceremonies are among the events that will weave together our past, present, and future. We invite you to bring your palette to the waterfront canvas.

Accessible spaces for all

The park is designed for maximum accessibility – by foot, bike, wheelchair, transit, auto, or ferry – and serves as a platform for educational, recreational, and cultural experiences for people of all abilities.

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