Waterfront Virtual Experience


Experience the future waterfront park's Overlook Walk and Promenade. An elevated park — complete with protection from the elements, comfortable seating, picnic tables, play areas, and a café — links the newly expanded Market to Elliott Bay. Amphitheater-style steps will create a performance area between Overlook walk and the Tideline Promenade. 


Jump into the place where the Seattle Aquarium, Pike Street Hill Climb, and the Overlook Walk come together: Aquarium Plaza. Its a meeting ground, a gathering space, and a point of entry to the Aquarium. Enhanced by an open-air amphitheater, the plaza acts as an expanded front door to the Aquarium. Featuring movable café-style tables and chairs next to a creative play area for kids and adults alike, the plaza links the Tideline Promenade with Pier 62/63 and a future additional half mile of promenade to the north.

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